A new project aimed at helping the environment

The Leave Something For The Kids program is a new way of helping combat harmful carbon emissions that are produced each year. Holemasters
Scotland Limited, a concrete cutting and diamond drilling company have set up the program. Holemasters are looking at their own carbon emissions and making an effort to give back to the environment and the local community of where they are working.

Recent Projects


EGIP Project - Bonnybridge


Green fingered pupils from Bonnybridge were recently welcomed to Network Rail’s Greenhill Road compound, as part of an eco-initiative to help improve the site entrance, as well as help reduce the schools’ carbon footprint. The current bridge works by Network Rail at Greenhill Road form part of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme, which aims to electrify much of central Scotland’s rail network. READ MORE



School Award Assembly

We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff and pupils of Kings Road Primary School in Rosyth. After Holemasters completed their works at the dockyard we planted 11 trees to combat the carbon produced.

The children of p6 and p7 then came up with a poster design to reflect what they had leaned from the experience and how best to show other people why it was important to look after the environment.

8 lucky winners were chosen and on the 26th of June during their end of year assembly David McArthur presented them with their prize voucher.