EGIP Project - Bonnybridge


Green fingered pupils from Bonnybridge were recently welcomed to Network Rail’s Greenhill Road compound, as part of an eco-initiative to help improve the site entrance, as well as help reduce the schools’ carbon footprint. The current bridge works by Network Rail at Greenhill Road form part of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme, which aims to electrify much of central Scotland’s rail network.

Alex Blair, EGIP works manager responsible for the delivery of the bridge programme at Greenhill, said: “EGIP is a major project that’s objective is to provide an infrastructure to enable faster, greener and more energy efficient trains. Holemasters’ initiative is something we are keen to support given its goal in raising awareness on how we all have a part to play in trying to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Acer trees were planted by the children on behalf of the three primary schools in the village - Bonnybridge, St Joseph’s and Antonine Way. The pupils also scattered wildflower and alpine grass seeds, which should hopefully be in full bloom before the summer is out. Each school was presented with a certificate to thank them for their eco efforts.

John Paul II Primary School


John Paul II Primary School is located in Uddingston, North Lanarkshire. The school was one of the first new builds for the council on their regeneration program for all North Lanarkshire Schools. Holemasters have worked for Balfour Beatty on the schools all across North Lanarkshire for their new build program.

We recently found out that John Paul II Primary School were hosting an eco day to educate all the children on the dangers of climate change and the problems that we face with the environment today. There was lots of activities during the day including a demonstration with an electric car, the council with their electric street cleaners and creating a vegetable patch.

Because Holemasters are taking an active approach to combating their carbon emissions and also because we have worked on the North Lanarkshire new school we thought it was a great idea to donate some trees. Leave Something for the Kids joined the schools Eco Committee to plant the trees outside in the garden during the eco day.

Kings Road Primary School

Kings Road is a primary school in Rosyth, Fife. They were chosen to become the first school to participate in the program. Holemasters have recently completed a major project at the Rosyth Dockyard for Babcock International.

The project consisted of removing a large amount of concrete from the bottom of a dry dock to enable water to flow more freely. Throughout the works we calculated that 10.086 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide gas were burned and released into the atmosphere.

Leave Something For The Kids then contacted a local school, in this case it was Kings Road, who happily agreed to help us become carbon neutral by planting 11 trees in their school ground.

The Leave Something For The Kids team visited the local school. We were able to give a talk to the young p6/7 classes on what it was that Holemasters were doing in the dock. We were also very lucky to have Port Operations Manager Gary Graves join us to hand over a certificate to verify that Kings Road Primary School participated in the program.